Root Deeper TGIF Tip: “30-Seconds for a Second Chance!”…Avoiding Sender’s Remorse on Email

TGIF Tip: How Do I Stop an Email from Sending?

We’ve all done it. Sent that email which we know was a mistake the instant we clicked “send”.  We all remember that “sinking feeling”.

What would you give to be able to un-send it? To be able to take it back?

Would you invest 30 seconds one-time to be able to have a chance to “take back” your emails?

Today’s TGIF Tip focuses on ways to set things up so you can “recall” emails that you want to reconsider.

1. Use Gmail

If you use Gmail you may have had the experience of being able to “undo” after you sent an email.  For a brief moment there is that “undo” link that appears for a moment after  you send an email.  This is the “first line of defense” against mis-sent emails.


2. Wait a Minute… Google’s Second Chance

It won’t delay it a minute, but you CAN set gmail to delay for up to 30 seconds!  This gives you a moment for “sender’s remorse”.  And implementing this solution takes less than 30 seconds to do! 🙂

If you’re prone to sending hasty emails, set this up RIGHT NOW!  It’s easy.

a. Go to your settings in Gmail:

Select the gear icon, and choose “settings”

Email Undo 1


b. If you have not enabled it, go to the “labs” tab in settings, then enable “Undo Send”:

undo email lab

c. Select the email delay time:



Gmail Undo Send
The default is 5 seconds, but you can set it for up to 30!


It is THAT easy.  Now you will have 30 seconds to “undo” emails you’re sending, and maybe save yourself some aggravation!


3. What if I don’t use Gmail?

While I just use regular free gmail, for many businesses, it’s critical to use the domain name of their business (

Now you can use your company’s domain AND gmail.  Google is constantly innovating, and now they have Google Apps for Business. For as little as $50/year you can have the power of google’s spam filtering and email tools and many other apps (Google Drive, Video Conferencing, etc.).

Google Apps rocks, and I’ll probably move to it shortly.  For me, the “30-second rule” is enough of a motivation alone 🙂

Here’s info on Google Apps for Business. $5/mo general plan, $10/mo for super plan.   Google Apps Info

FYI we can get businesses a $10/user discount if you want to contact us, using the form below


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4. What if 30-seconds is not enough?

I’ll give another tip next week for folks who want a natural work-flow device which allows you to have time to reflect on something without having to remember to send the email next week!


Please get in touch if you have any tips you think we should share with others, or have questions for us or want help!

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