Root Deeper: Featured Adwords Agency in Google Partners Community


Root Deeper Recognized in Google Partner Spotlight
Root Deeper Recognized in Google Partner Spotlight

The Google Partners Community is an online community with 21,000 members which was created by Google to foster best practices among small business Adwords agency and freelance Partners.

November 5th, 2014 Root Deeper Marketing was featured for our contributions to the forum and promotion of excellence in Adwords Campaign Management!

As one of fewer than 40 members to be featured since the Community’s inception, Root Deeper founder Colin Donohue expressed his pride in the recognition.  “Well, it’s not one in a million quite, but being one of a few dozen profiled out of 21,000 members is an honor!”

Photos showing what’s important to me. My wife Anna, having fun, my international forestry work, and being outdoors!

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Honestly I could not have come this far so quickly without excellent engagement and partnership with dozens of active GPC members, particularly the Adwords Ambassadors, most of whom are friends and close colleagues now.”

“I think the thing that Google paid attention to is my dedication to creating value for customers, and my love of solving challenging problems for my clients and others’. ”

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Thanks Everyone!


About Root Deeper Marketing

Root Deeper started in 2013 but has rapidly become a resource for web development and marketing companies that want to offer their clients quality Adwords client services without having to add that as an additional program.

“We have ended up not needing to market our services. Our development partners have been great about providing referrals as they want their clients well taken care of and find their clients are pleased with our work.  We feel this is a model that can really help us grow as there are many more excellent designers and programmers than there are excellent Adwords managers at this time”.

Root Deeper Marketing is a small custom online marketing agency founded in Athens Ohio focusing on profit-driven marketing with Google Adwords and other PPC and social marketing tools.

To learn more, or see if Profit-Driven Marketing may be an option for you, please use the form below to get in touch! [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]


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