Online Marketing Yields $1.5 Billion Black Friday

Online Marketing Yields $1.5 Billion
Online sales exceed $1.5B for Black Friday and $1B for Thanksgiving Day!


According to ComScore, Black Friday yielded $1.5 Billion of sales in the US, and $1 Billion was spent online on Thanksgiving Day alone. Online marketers are celebrating nationwide as Adwords played a big role in stuffing those stockings.

But the main take-away is that while Search Engine Marketing and PPC were just an “optional” marketing tool, the stakes are now higher in the most lucrative shopping time of the year.

With Black Friday over $1.5 Billion online sales, and even Thanksgiving topping $1 Billion online, the tides are raising many online retailer and gift certificate sellers’ boats.

 Goin’ Mobile

Strides in mobile sales were the greatest, and mobile traffic on Thanksgiving Day in the US was over 52% of all Internet traffic.

Many businesses in rural areas and areas underserved for Adwords and Online Marketing are really missing out on opportunities.

Seasonal shopping in 2014 is projected to top $61 Billion (Nov-Dec) with over $7 Billion

Online Sales Over Turkey?

This year, over a THIRD of all online sales during Thanksgiving Day were made on mobile devices (35%).  Thanksgiving dinner seems to have mobile shopping as on course.

But I can’t blame people. If I get a great  idea of what someone wants for Christmas during conversation over dinner, I’d be best to JUMP ON IT and order it right then!  Better than have it occupy a spot on the to-do list or even worse get forgotten!

Done. And done!

Happy Holidays, and remember to keep nonprofit and social purpose and green gifts at the top of your mind for Giving Tuesday.


Thanks Geek Wire for stats from their article Here


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