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Nonprofit Adwords Grant Management

 Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and governmental agencies are often bad communicators.  They may have wonderful missions, and may make the world a better place, but they hide their light under a bushel of acronyms, jargon.  The key to successful communications with different audiences (from donors, to clients, to media) is to understand what the audience cares about, how they communicate, and how best to present your unique contributions to the world. 

SPECIAL SERVICE– Google Adwords Management for Non-profits, and Google Adwords Grants

Grants of $120,000/year of FREE Adwords from Google for Non-Profits!
Click Here to Learn About Google Grants 

Many non-profits are not aware of Google’s Adword Grants.  This amazing program can provide up to $120,000/year of FREE marketing for your nonprofit!  If you solicit donations online, reach out to clients, or otherwise make contact through the web, this program is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you. 

The program provides free Google Adwords for non-profits.  The program requires that your nonprofit actively manage the campaign, and utilize the resource effectively, or it will be taken away. 

Our specialized consultants will work with your organization to get ready to propose a project to Google, work through the application process, and provide campaign management, all for NO UP-FRONT MONEY (for a limited number of clients, of our choosing).  Once the grant is secured, we would charge a small management fee which should be more than recouped from marketing benefit. 

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