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Bing Ads Accredited Professional Company #2 in Ohio

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While there are 15 Bing Accredited Professionals in Ohio, Root Deeper Marketing will soon be the #2 agency in the state for Bing Accredited Pro’s in Ohio.

While I already have individual accreditation, I’ll soon be adding a second team-member who just passed her exams! We’ll be the company in Ohio with the second-highest number of Bing Accredited Professionals, and one of very few that provide the quality and customer care that we do.  Other companies like Microsoft have large markups on their services and less customized and personal services.

While we love the Adwords platform, and enjoy working with Google as a company, we also feel it’s important to have access and fluency will all PPC tools, and Bing Yahoo Network has a meaningful share of search volumes, and sometimes highly advantageous Cost Per Click (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR), and Conversion rates.

This new capability represents an area where many businesses can gain additional customers, additional sales, and also increased profitability on their PPC investments.


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For Root Deeper, increasing the depth of our staffing, and the breadth of our deep technical expertise, means we are better able to serve larger-budget companies more comprehensively.

For our $10k/Mo+ accounts we are able to offer truly comprehensive services that focus in on the root of the most profitable campaigns across Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Bing Yahoo Network, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Using a focus on your most profitable options we can create campaigns that are deeply rooted in what is most beneficial to your company for your business goals.

With the deeper attention we pay to your analytics and the effect of campaign expansions and experiments we can grow your online marketing to maximum profit you’re able to garner.


Bing Ads: Profitable Small Business Growth Tool?

It’s not a “quick fix”, but Profit Driven Marketing allows you to invest your ad spend, be it in Adwords or Bing ads, in activities that have a positive Return On Investment. Thus you are not “spending” money. You are investing it in activities which are profit-generating. Re-investing this profit in expansion into more aggressive or comprehensive marketing approaches allows you to push the edges, and acquire as much of the market share as you profitably can.

Not all accounts we have are Profit Driven Marketing accounts, but if you are a medium-sized, or larger, company, or even a Small Business with a large potential market and the ambition to grow aggressively we can create for you marketing strategies and management services that allow you to capture as much growth as your customers will permit.

Profit Driven Marketing is not an easy thing. You need a clear and compelling Value Proposition for customers that gives you an edge in your particular market or niche. You need clarity about your business model, and ability to track results efficiently and feed back clear indicators of results for us to reference against the add investments. And you need to have the ambition to invest in R&D. You need to test strategies out, quickly respond to results and continuously adapt and evolve. Profit-Driven Marketing is not for the faint-of-heart or for those unclear on their business fundamentals. We can help interested companies evolve to be ready for this strategy, but it depends on the firm’s viability and the passion of the owners and mangers to be agile and ambitious and grow.

Not all our clients want to step up their game like this. But for the most ambitious and excellent firms we have maximal value-add, and can support firms in maximal growth and profitability (within what is viable for the firm and market space).


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Profitable PPC, Pay Per Click, Growth with Bing Ads?

A neat example of a company that used Bing Yahoo network for growth is Pace Butler

Pay Per Click for Growth- Reaching the Market Profitably for Expansion


Google Adwords and Bing Certified Agency with Expert Consultants. Triple-Certified

Within the discipline of Pay Per Click marketing, there are thousands of freelancers, agencies, and posers.  The level of quality varies greatly, and most customers cannot effectively evaluate the skills of the agencies and freelancers as it is a bit of an obscure knowledge areas.

Root Deeper Marketing is one of an elite small number of agencies that is “Double Certified” as a Google Partner for Adwords, as well as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional agency.

Actually we are more than Double-Certified as we hold certifications for:

1. Adwords Fundamentals

2. Advanced Adwords for Search

3. Advanced Adwords for Display Marketing

4. Google Universal Analytics

5. Bing Ad Accredited Professional

But we also are Inbound Marketing certified by Hubspot.  This is a deeper strategic certification which focuses on the integration of social media and content marketing strategies, to create systematic pipeline of customer interest.

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Why Choose Root Deeper Marketing?

We realize it is a difficult process to research and choose a marketing agency that will be your most effective partner, and most efficiently help your business meet its objectives.

Because of this we have gone the extra mile to go through more than half-a-dozen certifications to provide you with confidence that we are among the best in our field.

But that is not the reason to choose us.  That just confirms what you suspect. That we know what we’re doing.

The reason to choose Root Deeper is that we go the extra mile to help your business succeed.  We have been small business owners and nonprofit staff, and we know what it means to “live on less”, but we also have been successful in growing organizations and businesses so we can guide you through that process.

Contact us today to see what we can do to help you achieve your dreams.  We’re confident you will be glad you did.

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Bing Ads vs. Google Adwords

Adwords and Bing ads are not an “either or” for us.  If a client can benefit from both, we’ll deploy both and advise clients to focus on the platform that gives them the best results.

If online ads are profitable for a company, not using all available channels is “leaving money on the table”.  Our goal is to avoid this, and to maximize client success.


Discover our certifications and what they say about us:


Google “Partner” status is not just “passing a test” (unlike the “individual” qualification) It requires an agency have documented experience and demonstration of “Best Practices” in management.  Many freelancers will sell their individual “certification”, but all that means is they took a test. They may have never managed an account.

Root Deeper Marketing has managed spend in the millions, from $50/mo spend up to $1oo,ooo/mo spend.  We have a wide range of experience on different types of accounts, many diverse Adwords features (including some “beta” features others don’t even know exist).  We also understand the needs of diverse businesses and tailor our actions to your goals.


BingAds_Accredited_Badge small

While not as rigorous as Google Partner certification, the Bing Ads Accreditation is an important demonstration that we are committed to learning the diverse tools that help clients maximize the benefit from online marketing investments.   Our experience with Bing also helps us focus ad spend on the platform most appropriate to YOUR business. and Your goals.


Professional Certification for Inbound Marketing


This certification from Hubspot is a demonstration of our clear focus on strategic marketing online.  We’re not just technicians that “tweak things” on campaigns.  We are marketing and business strategists who help you think through WHAT tools you need to use for your marketing objectives, and HOW to most effectively integrate your different online activities and sequence your online actions to deliver on short-term objectives while building toward long-term goals.


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If you want to achieve online marketing excellence, and want to harness the power of the Internet to fuel your business growth and success, get in touch.  If your firm is big or small, we can be your partners in taking your firm to the next level.





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