Author: Colin Donohue

Bing Ads: the PPC Small Business Alternative

While Google Ads grab the headlines when people think about Pay Per Click advertising, Microsoft has been quietly consolidating their online ad channels, combining the once-great Yahoo with the shiny-new Bing Ad platform, creating the Yahoo Bing Network.  This platform boasts almost 30% of the US search market, and claims over 4% higher per-user spend […]

Root Deeper: Featured Adwords Agency in Google Partners Community

  The Google Partners Community is an online community with 21,000 members which was created by Google to foster best practices among small business Adwords agency and freelance Partners. November 5th, 2014 Root Deeper Marketing was featured for our contributions to the forum and promotion of excellence in Adwords Campaign Management! As one of fewer […]

Do You Need a Small Business Adwords Expert?

In my experience, small businesses can often be “penny wise, pound foolish” when it comes to online marketing.  To understand the role of the Adwords Consultant it’s important to distinguish between “spending” and “investing. Profit-Driven Marketing: Investing not Spending Our company is committed to the new discipline of Profit-Driven Online Marketing.  This means that our […]

First Rule of Business: Don’t Talk To Strangers! There is a phrase that describes outgoing, at-ease people who love meeting new people and easily engage the interest of new acquaintances. People say “He’s never met a stranger”.  In the world of business, this easy sense of comfort and affinity is something that is vital to establishing relationships with customers. This applies in person, […]

Why Pay for a Social Media & Adwords Small Business Consultant?

“If You’re Not Moving Forward, You’re Moving Backward” This statement has rarely been more true than in today’s world of online marketing. Is SEO Dead?  Search Engine Optimization Changes Profoundly with Hummingbirds and Penguins The landscape for “organic” search engine optimization profoundly changed, with Google totally revamping how they placed sites in search rankings, with […]


The term KPI is slung around often by corporate managers and consultants. But I think sometimes “regular folks” managing businesses don’t really relate to the buzz-term. To me it is important to HAVE these “key performance indicators” (KPI), but it’s not important to mystify them or make them sound esoteric. They say that “an army […]

Know Your Network

I’m mostly posting this because it’s entertaining, and fun, and it’s a Friday afternoon. But it’s also an amazingly powerful tool and idea. Humans have existed in social networks since the dawn of creation. Early on it was tight bands of maybe 30 persons who all knew each other. The social network looked like a […]

Public Service Advertising Done Well

While selling products is an important part of marketing and media work, some of the most engaging and important challenges relate to how we shake folks out of their “detached, passive” relationship with media to really PAY ATTENTION to important things that matter to society. This short video shows a great example of engaging audiences […]

Get Yer Google On!

As a Google Partner we were invited to host a Google Connect session where global experts from Google presented on important topics on online marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.  Our partners in Ohio were interested, but I was out of town for a conference.  Here are some of the presentations that were given.  I […]

AMA Reports New Research on TV!

Well, I don’t mean the doctor association, the AMA, I mean the American Marketers Association, the “spin doctors” association 😉 Apparently this “fad” of the Internet is taking ahold. Ad purchasing for online channels exceeded all broadcast TV ad purchasing, ringing the bell at over $42 Billion. I suspect the increase in online advertising has […]