Author: Colin Donohue

Adwords Workshop Inspires Partners, Local Businesses

Google Partners Event on Adwords & Analytics Strikes a Chord with Local Business Community Just finished a WONDERFUL workshop with a super eclectic group of local businesses and organizations.  It was really a blast, and got me thinking about the variety of dynamic local people in our community doing such exciting things.  The workshop was […]

Google Workshop Puts Adwords Tools and Consultants to Work for Ohio Businesses

Google Event Highlights High-Power Marketing Tools  Accessible to Small Businesses!       February 11, 11:30 AM, at the Ohio University Innovation Center, 340 W. State, Athens Ohio The Ohio University Innovation Center, the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Small Business Development Center are partnering on a workshop for businesses in Southeast […]

Adwords Consultant Corner: What is Remarketing? What is Retargeting?

Using the magic of Google to catch the “one that got away”… You’ve experienced it yourself, an amazing connection you’ve been with only with someone for a brief time, where you found yourself later (even years later) kicking yourself for not inviting them for coffee or getting some way to get in touch with them. […]

“Dude, Where’s my Ad?” PPC Management Tip from Root Deeper Insights

Most Adwords advertisers, and folks in PPC management generally, will encounter some kind of “odd behaviors” in Google. Despite what seems strange on the surface, there is usually a reason why thing happen as they do. Recently in the Google Partners Community agencies were sharing “war stories” of clients who sounded emergency alarms because they […]

Root Deeper TGIF Tip: Avoiding Sender’s Remorse on Email II, “Sleep On It”

In case you missed it, last week, here: TGIF 12/5/14 30-Second Rule is how to spend 30 seconds to give you a “second chance” to reconsider every email you send.  This week’s tip focuses on both giving yourself a longer time to “think it over” but also looks at choosing email timing to best integrate with your […]

Bing Ad Pros: Accredited Bing Yahoo Network Expert Agency

Bing Ads Accredited Professional Company #2 in Ohio While there are 15 Bing Accredited Professionals in Ohio, Root Deeper Marketing will soon be the #2 agency in the state for Bing Accredited Pro’s in Ohio. While I already have individual accreditation, I’ll soon be adding a second team-member who just passed her exams! We’ll be […]

Root Deeper TGIF Tip: “30-Seconds for a Second Chance!”…Avoiding Sender’s Remorse on Email

TGIF Tip: How Do I Stop an Email from Sending? We’ve all done it. Sent that email which we know was a mistake the instant we clicked “send”.  We all remember that “sinking feeling”. What would you give to be able to un-send it? To be able to take it back? Would you invest 30 […]

Online Marketing Yields $1.5 Billion Black Friday

  According to ComScore, Black Friday yielded $1.5 Billion of sales in the US, and $1 Billion was spent online on Thanksgiving Day alone. Online marketers are celebrating nationwide as Adwords played a big role in stuffing those stockings. But the main take-away is that while Search Engine Marketing and PPC were just an “optional” […]