“Dude, Where’s my Ad?” PPC Management Tip from Root Deeper Insights

Most Adwords advertisers, and folks in PPC management generally, will encounter some kind of “odd behaviors” in Google. Despite what seems strange on the surface, there is usually a reason why thing happen as they do.

Recently in the Google Partners Community agencies were sharing “war stories” of clients who sounded emergency alarms because they did not see their ads running!

What’s worse is the agencies would look and see that things were functioning correctly, but the businesses would get increasingly panicked because whatever the agencies were SAYING, the ads were NOT THERE!!! Is my Adwords consultant lying? Incompetent? Is there something broken with Adwords?

Take a breath. It’s probably OK.

This post explains the most common reason for ads not showing when you search. I hope this reassures you if your ads are not showing, and can serve as a tool for agencies to communicate what’s going on. Sometimes it’s nice to have an outside expert reinforce what you’re saying. So here is a summary of the key points. Please give me feedback if it’s useful or if you have ideas on how to improve it.

11 thoughts on ““Dude, Where’s my Ad?” PPC Management Tip from Root Deeper Insights

  1. Richard

    Hello Colin,

    Thank you for running through this and I agree that the ads diagnosis tool is a great way to see if ads are being served and how, but the slideshare does not explain why a client would not see their ads when they search for it too many times… on google.com and not using the ad diagnosis tool.


  2. Colin Donohue Post author

    Thanks Richard, I’ll add more to that.

    The main idea is that it’s a normal thing Google does, and for folks not to be concerned about it. I can add to it more about why Google stops showing the ads. It benefits clients not to have those impressions wasted on viewers who have seen an ad many times and not interacted. I didn’t go into that, so thanks for the comment!

  3. Cheryl Lynn

    Hey Colin:

    Thank you so much for your time in putting this together. This problem rises way to much with clients and you have explained it so well here in these slides.

    Thank you! Your are a trusted Google Partner!

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