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Adwords Consultants for Small Business: Why Hire Us?

Adwords Consultants are Not Equal.  How is Root Deeper Marketing Better?

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1. We’re a Google Certified Adwords Partner

Google Partners are trained on a wide variety of Adwords and other Google tools.  Our work is monitored by Google for quality and customer benefit.

The certification not only includes testing on a. Adwords Fundamentals, b. Advanced Search Advertising, and c. Advanced Display Advertising, with scores as high as 85% needed, on over 600 pages of materials, but it also requires a minimum ad spend, and monitors the quality of your campaign management to ensure you’re providing quality management services.

2. “Google Partner” is a far more rigorous standard than the individual qualification.

Anyone can take the Individual test. But to be a Google Partner (which we are), you have to have a minimum amount of actual campaign management experience (which we far surpass), and Google monitors the quality of your campaign management, and you must achieve a certain level.

Our Google Partner Listing:

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3. Root Deeper Marketing we far surpassed the quality standard Google requires of Partners, and far exceed the quality standard of the average Google Partner. IE we’ve demonstrated campaign management skills (as evaluated by Google who monitors our account) far better than the average Google Partner

A “behind the scenes” glimpse at our Best Practices indicator, showing quality WELL over the average for even Google Partner certified Adwords Consultants, over $300k of spend the prior 90 days. (it is always that high for us, though not perfect as some clients don’t want to follow Best Practices)


For expert Adwords campaign management, you need to choose wisely. Root Deeper has demonstrated expert Adwords campaign management, as documented by Google.


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4. We focus on Business Strategy and Competitiveness Enhancement

There are literally thousands of people out there who know enough about Adwords they could convince a layperson that they knowhow to do Adwords.  There are still many who actually DO know what they’re doing on the technical aspects of Adwords but they just treat it in a vacuum.  They are like “technicians”, and do useful things, but they do not look at Adwords as a part of a bigger business strategy.

At Root Deeper Marketing, we first work to understand your firm’s business strategy, unique niche, and competitive environment.

We feel Adwords needs to be embedded in a coherent business strategy, where your various activities, from advertising and marketing to sales and customer service are all functioning in harmony.  You cannot intelligently manage a Adwords campaign if there are not established business goals, and metrics that indicate if the campaign is adding value.

At Root Deeper our focus is helping your business be more profitable.  We mostly work with Adwords, Bing, Analytics, and other online marketing tools, but we do this by helping clarify the strategy you think is best for your business, and monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that indicate achievement of your goals.

To understand a bit about our approach, consider watching this 5-minute section from a Google Analytics training that gives you a sense of what we’re talking about in terms of establishing a clear strategy and KPI.


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5. If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind!

For Adwords to be most effective, it needs to be a Continual Improvement Process (CIP).   The data and the tools in Adwords, and Digital Analytics generally, can be used to test ideas, refine strategies, and continually improve your campaigns and results.

Frankly, if your competitors are of any size, they probably are already doing things that will give them an advantage.  Through time, the less-well-managed campaigns will slip down in success, and the better-managed campaigns will continue to be more profitable.

I’ve heard people say they got out of Adwords because it was too competitive.  Well, competitive is not bad, unless you’re losing!

So, make the decision to invest in your business and its future, and consider quality Adwords Campaign Management. You’ll be glad you did!


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