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The Engineer Who Writes Blogs Startup Weekend Athens


Mom SW

The Engineer Who Writes, and the rest of the Athens Ohio Startup Weekend crew!

Props to Barbara, The Engineer Who Writes, for her efforts supporting Startup Weekend Athens held at the Ohio University Innovation Center!

Over the weekend-long event she followed the action and covered it for the site which is home of the Startup Weekend system.

Barbara Donohue, my mom among other distinctions ;-), is now based out of the Innovation Center under the Root Deeper Marketing banner, and will be covering technical communications such as “explainer” documents and videos, as well as technical writing.

Root Deeper Marketing was a sponsor of the event and will be providing a small budget of free consulting services to the winner, relating to their online marketing and communications needs.

SUW sponsor

Winning Athens Startup Weekend teams pose for photographs. Happy to be a sponsor and to encourage entrepreneurship!





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