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Google Small Business Challenge Coach

Google Small Business Adwords Coach

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While most of our work is with clients who are not so small, we like to help businesses that are getting going and want to grow.  While we can’t put so much time month-to-month advising individuals we like to help in other ways such as high-level strategic advising and doing trainings & workshops.

One way I help small companies is being a Google Small Business Advisor.   It’s a great experience to help companies, especially ones that want to grow, deal with questions that challenge them.

Today I’ve been invited to be a coach for the Google Small Business Community #SmallBizGames

Check out the community at Google Small Business, and try out some challenges in the #SmallBizGames!

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Also, if you ever have questions, feel free to ask by filling out our contact form.  Who knows, your question may even become the topic of a post like my Expert post on Google Partners about the value of different types of conversions HERE

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