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Google Adwords PPC & Analytics Audit: Expert Review of Your Online Marketing

Adwords Expert Audit

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Not every business is appropriate or ready to be a Root Deeper Marketing retainer client.  Some businesses do not want to grow. Some businesses get into cash flow situations where they cannot invest in marketing and growth.

But our mission is to help businesses improve their online marketing.  While you may not be ready, or ever want, to become a Retainer Partner, we are happy to offer our expertise on a more limited basis to review where you are with your Google Analytics, Adwords and Bing setup and systems.

We offer different packages of site reviews/online audits to provide you with clarity and confidence in your online systems.

Digital Analytics and PPC Management Audit

For this audit we review the setup of your digital analytics and PPC systems and strategies.  First we review the “building blocks” for your digital analytics:

Universal Analytics/ Google Analytics setup.  Is it set up correctly?  Is it appropriate for your needs? Are there features that should be enabled that are not?  Is the Analytics setup guided by Best Practices?  Are you getting appropriate and accurate reporting?   This in-depth review of the basic indicators provides you with clarity that things are set up right, and confidence in the work of your consultant on in-house manager.  Shortfalls in the

1. Is the Analytics code correctly placed?

2. Is the code appropriate to what is needed? (asynchronous, remarketing enabled, etc.)

3. Are you tracking what you care about? (are conversion goals appropriate KPI or otherwise linked to the business goals?)

4. Is Adwords correctly set up?

5. Is goal reporting enabled between Adwords and Analytics?

6. Is Webmaster Tools set up, verified, and reporting correctly?

7. Is Webmaster Tools linked to Analytics?

8. Do you have appropriate access to your accounts?  (Admin privileges for Analytics, WMT, Adwords, etc.  You should ALWAYS have access to all your accounts. They are YOUR accounts, not your consultant’s.  You may never look behind the curtain but it’s important you have that access

9. Are you getting appropriate reporting which includes the information most important to your business, accurately analyzed, in a form you can use?

10. Is your PPC or Analytics Manager providing insightful and accurate analysis of your data?

11. Are you using all the features that would be appropriate to your business goals (segmented remarketing lists, Tag Manager, event tracking, etc.)

12.  30-minute phone of Google Hangout call to review findings and answer any questions you may have.

We also will review Bing, Facebook, and other PPC activities for a small additional fee, and can arrange SEO, Social Marketing, and comprehensive Online Marketing reviews/audits.

Key Benefits:

You may not know all the details of these online systems. Having an outside expert to review your staff or consultant’s work protects you and helps you maximize value by catching any mistakes that may be made.

Your data and all interactions are treated confidentially, and you will be protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Root Deeper is not expecting to take you on as a client.  This service is priced at a fair rate so we can provide our insights without expectation of winning work from you.   The process is designed to inform you, not to disrupt your relationship with your existing service provider.


Prices depend on what you want audited (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin advertisements, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc.)  and how complex the campaign is.

An audit of a small business Adwords campaign, a summary of findings, and a phone conference to discuss findings and recommendations is typically $295.

Can you afford not to know? 

You could be losing money every day on your PPC, and missing out on sales.  Let us check, and put your mind at ease.

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