Easy Steps to Link AdWords to an MCC

What is a MCC?

MCC stands for My Client Center. Simply put, it’s the umbrella account agencies use to manage multiple AdWords accounts from one login. Adwords will only allow a Google account (or gmail) to be associated with one Adwords account. So you can’t just “add” us as a user. You have to connect with our umbrella MCC.

Simple Steps to Link Adwords Accounts to MCCs

Step 1 – Finding the account number

The process of linking your AdWords account with an account manager’s MCC account starts with your account number. To find this 10 digit number, sign into your AdWords account. Once you’re signed in, you’ll find this number at the top right of your screen. It’s the client ID

How to find Google AdWords Client ID.
Courtesy of Google

shown as XXX – XXX – XXXX.

Just as a reminder, you should never give your AdWords account number out to anyone without verifying who they are. Google will never email you and ask you for your account information, and you should report any emails like this immediately. When looking for advice on forums and in chats, never give out passwords or account numbers. Additionally, you shouldn’t give your account number to someone who requests to manage your account without properly vetting them.

Establish a relationship and trust with any agency or individual that might be managing your account or assisting you with troubleshooting before giving out any vital information.

Step 2 – It’s the account manager’s turn

Now the manager will send you an invitation to join their MCC account. This invitation will come directly from Google to your AdWords account. You as the advertiser has nothing to do for this step.

Step 3 – Accept the invitation

In this last step you’ll go back to your AdWords account to accept the invitation. Once you’ve signed in, click the gear icon on the top right of your screen.


Click on account settings, then account access.

Next, find the client managers section. Look for the words accept invitation, and click them. Now the account manager has access to your account. Google AdWords Accepting an Invitation


Now that you’ve given an account manager access to your account, you may have a few questions. We’ll cover a few of the basics here.

Can I remove access?

Yes, you can remove the manager’s access at any time. The process is as easy as allowing access.

Who pays?

The payment setup stays the same as it was prior to your account being managed. This means whatever method of payment was arranged will still be in effect.

Can I still make changes to my account?

You keep total ownership of the account and all administrative access.  So you’re just allowing access not “turning it over” to us.  Once you delegate management to an agency, though, you shouldn’t be messing with the account.  Look at the data whenever you want, and suggest ideas, but don’t be changing things in the account while a manager is or it’ll muddle things and likely waste time.  Too many cooks can spoil the meal. 

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