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Digital Marketing & Adwords in New Albany Ohio

“Colin brings a wealth of actionable information about how to win in the digital marketing world.
He has done two seminars for Innovate New Albany that our attendees really valued!”
Neil Collins
Innovate New Albany
Profit-Driven Marketing and Google Analytics, Sept 25, Innovate New Albany

Profit-Driven Marketing and Google Analytics, Sept 25, Innovate New Albany

Just had a blast at the second presentation in 7 days (!) at Innovate New Albany (, a beautiful incubator space near Columbus.

Today’s  was “This Ain’t Your Granpa’s Adwords”.  It featured a live stream, and recorded segment, from Google’s headquarters in Mountain View California, followed up by a discussion of the powerful tools Adwords offers in addition to the classic “search advertising”.  With location-based mobile ads, pre-roll video across millions of videos on Youtube, Shopping ads, Call-only ads, and other features Youtube offers a full-suite digital marketing toolbox.

Thanks to @innovateNA and Neil Collins for hosting the event and for these kind words!


Neil’s quote is one of my favorites.  In competitive bidding environments, and to aggressively grow a business, you don’t just want to “show up” in Adwords. You want to WIN. That’s what we were gearing up to do.  Gain optimal results for minimum investment.
It was great to see the information, environment, and support available to New Albany businesses.  If I didn’t live love Athens so much I’d be tempted to join them up there!
Neil says I can visit any time, and we may cook up an “office hours” arrangement as part of the Ask an Expert program they’re cooking up.
As for now, back to Athens, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing the New Albanians (is that right?) soon enough!
Inspired to research Neil’s firm Results Marketing Group as well. I suspect there may be some synergies to leverage with my digital nerdiness and his branding and positioning work.  We’ll see!
"This Ain't Your Granpa's Adwords" at Innovate New Albany

“This Ain’t Your Granpa’s Adwords” at Innovate New Albany






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