Author: Colin Donohue

Google Small Business Challenge Coach

Feel Free to Tweet Me Questions @RootDeeper_com While most of our work is with clients who are not so small, we like to help businesses that are getting going and want to grow.  While we can’t put so much time month-to-month advising individuals we like to help in other ways such as high-level strategic advising and doing […]

The Engineer Who Writes Blogs Startup Weekend Athens

  The Engineer Who Writes, and the rest of the Athens Ohio Startup Weekend crew! Props to Barbara, The Engineer Who Writes, for her efforts supporting Startup Weekend Athens held at the Ohio University Innovation Center! Over the weekend-long event she followed the action and covered it for the site which is home of […]

Digital Marketing & Adwords in New Albany Ohio

“Colin brings a wealth of actionable information about how to win in the digital marketing world. He has done two seminars for Innovate New Albany that our attendees really valued!” Neil Collins Innovate New Albany Profit-Driven Marketing and Google Analytics, Sept 25, Innovate New Albany Just had a blast at the second presentation in 7 […]

Easy Steps to Link AdWords to an MCC

What is a MCC? MCC stands for My Client Center. Simply put, it’s the umbrella account agencies use to manage multiple AdWords accounts from one login. Adwords will only allow a Google account (or gmail) to be associated with one Adwords account. So you can’t just “add” us as a user. You have to connect […]

Root Deeper Marketing’s Colin Donohue in the News

Recently, Colin had the opportunity to advise the Google Small Business Community regarding environmental issues. He explains that consumers look for environmental cues from companies. This leadership role is a great opportunity for companies to be green, get some attention and interact with the community. The article presents the impact small businesses have and three […]


Hi clients, friends and everyone else familiar with Root Deeper Marketing. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Shire, and I’ve started working with Colin in the past couple of months. I work primarily in pay per click marketing, especially AdWords and Bing Ads but I have experience in web […]

Root Deeper Marketing Strategist Named Google Partners Community Ambassador!

Colin Donohue, principal strategist for Root Deeper Marketing was named Google Partners Community Ambassador this week, one of only 18 in the 22,000 member Community which spans the US and Canada. “I have learned a tremendous amount from my colleagues in the community and look forward to continuing to share ideas and advice with them, […]